Christian Education:

The Christian Education Department is the spiritual foundation for people of all ages and is designed for people to mature in their commitment to follow Jesus. 
The Bible Institute of Des Plaines (BIO-DP) is one of the divisions of Christian Education. It exists to offer Bible-related courses, which are beyond the scope of the normal Bible Study and Sunday School classes offered in the local church.  Those courses include but are not limited to, preparing people for pulpit ministry. In addition, some BIO-DP courses are designed to help the studious layperson better understand the Bible and better share the Christian faith with others.

Children’s Church is an age-appropriate ministry for children 11 years and under.  It instills Christian values and principles for their age range.

Dare to Live™

is a ministry to assist people who have and are struggling with addictions to be free through the Word and the Spirit.

Des Plaines Food Pantry

BWC supports the Des Plaines Food Pantry

Healthy Living

Is a developing ministry dedicated to the health and well-being of the members of the congregation. The Health Professionals are trained in basic healthcare. We provide blood pressure checks and other health screenings and service when needed.

M.O.B. – Men of Bethesda

A ministry of men united for Christ and for His name.  We want to construct and maintain a fellowship that attracts and retains men who love God and will serve Him wholeheartedly.  Prayer, teaching and fellowship are important building individual and group relationships in the body of Christ.

Music Ministry

Is designed to glorify God and to praise and worship Him.  Its purpose is to encourage an atmosphere of worship and praise through music, that includes vocal, as well as movement, and instrumental expressions.  Our music staff enthusiastically lead our heartfelt worship to God.

Public Relations

Communicates to the congregation, to visitors and to the public at large, the message of Truth, plus all church activities, ministries and programs.  Being a visual mode of communication, Public Relations presents the highest quality, integrity and professionalism.  Major focus will be placed upon developing the BWC bulletin, designing of flyers and promotional literature, public service, announcements and news releases (newspaper/radio), bulk mailing, and advertising through various means.

The Women’s Ministries

Provide support to the pastor by designing programs and worship services which glorify God and build up others. Through the Word of God, prayer, worship, and fellowship women are empowered to apply biblical principles to their daily Christian walk and to develop a deeper relationship with Christ.

Usher Board

is a service ministry, a ministry of helps. We are “door keepers”, keepers of the house to ensure order in a godly and loving way. The Usher Board assists the members and auxiliaries through support of all church worship services and events. It creates an atmosphere of welcome and friendliness for guests and members.

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Young People